Snake Dance
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Dear Strikers, 

The new Serpent Dance Event series are now available in game for March and April as the schedule we declared before. 
To join the event, click on Mutation Frenzy Button in the lobby when you login to the game. 

The event contain 2 main currencies: 

-Serpent Wishes : used for the event shop to purchase various good, they are obtained from the tab 3 recharge event, and from exchanging Spirit Snake Essences 
-Spirit Snake Stones: Purchased through gold and require recharge, they are used to obtain goods and wishes

The Main Campus of the event it self contain a series of other events. 

1 - Cyborg Beast Pass: 

The pass cost a total of 8000 gold to max, you can try hard and earn 200 level for free saving 4000 gold on your self. 

2) Serpent Spirit Treasure 

It is a basic recharge event of high tier, able to provide you with gold, blessing, jewel , unreal gem and the most important thing is Serpent Wishes which are the main currency of the event, that will be used in shop to purchase various good as you see below: 


3) Serpent event shop: 


4 - Snake Hunting:

A basic Activity for f2p, that awards you according to how much you play mutation and ultimate mutation, just follow the missions on daily basis accordingly to claim the reward points.

5 - Snake Dance Elite Blade:

Snake Dance, is the new Elite blade with the most strongest damage and best blade effect in game, to join it you have to start your way first by recharging than using the gold you recharged to purchase Spirit snake Stones. 

Now for every 10 Spirit Essence you have, you can exchange them for atleast 500 Wishes. worst luck. 
with 10k Wishes you can get 1500 Snake Dance Shards.. 
you need a total of 5,750 shards to max evo and sync. 

so you need about 35k Wishes to max blade, and 2500 to buy it level 0. 
37k wishes say 40k wishes a total of 800 Snake Essences. 
Do not forget you also have a gold chest on the left that awards you based on how many draws you did. 

Lets talk about the blade information it self: 


Sync 25% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 60

Sync 50% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 120

Sync 75% : Serpent Dance  Fragment * 200

Sync 100% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 360

Sync 125% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 360

Sync 150% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 360 

Sync 175% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 650

Sync 200% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 360

Sync 225% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 520

Sync 250% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 1000

Sync 275% - 450% : Serpent Dance Fragment * 10 each sync (80 Shards)

Sync 475% - 550% : Lv.1 Glow Gemstone * 1 each sync (4 Gems)

Sync 575% - 650% : Aptitude Gem Lv.1 Gold * 1 each sync (4 Gems)

Sync 675% - 800% : Aptitude Gem Lv.2 Gold * 1 each sync (6 Gems)

Sync 825% - 1050% : Lv.1 Glow Gemstone * 1 each sync (10 Gems)

Sync 1075% - 1300% : Lv.2 Moonlight Gem * 1 each sync (10 Gems)

Sync 1325% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1 

Sync 1350% - 1550% : Aptitude Gem Lv.3 Golden * 1 each sync (9 Gems)

Sync 1575% - 1625% : Lv.1 Mirrored Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1  each sync (3 Gems)

Sync 1650% : Lv.2 Chrono Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1 

Sync 1675% : Lv.2 Chrono Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1

Sync 1700% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1

Sync 1725% - 1775% : Lv.1 Mirrored Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1 each sync (3 Gems)

Sync 1800% - 1875% : Lv.2 Chrono Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1 each sync (4 Gems)

Sync 1900% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1

Sync 1925% : Lv.3 Splendid Jewel * 1

Sync 1950% : Lv.3 Splendid Jewel * 1

Sync 1975% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1

Sync 2000% : Lv.3 Splendid Jewel * 1

Sync 2025% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1

Sync 2050% : Lv.3 Splendid Jewel * 1

Sync 2075% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem (Serpent Dance) * 1 

Evo 1 : 840 , Evo 2 : 840; 

Total :

Serpent Dance Fragments for Sync = 4070 + 1680 for evo
Serpent Blade v0 cost 2500 wishes
Aptitude Gem Lvl 1 = 4
Aptitude Gem Lv2 = 6
Aptitude Gem Lvl 3 = 9
Lvl 1 Glowgem = 14
Lvl 2 Moonlight Gem = 10
Lvl 3 Splendid Gem = 4
Lv1 Mirror Gem = 6
Lv2 Chrono Gem = 6
Lvl 3 Unreal Gem = 6

Double Strike 

In all modes, the second light left-click boosts the attack distance, and the heavy right-click deals damage twice. In Mutation and Knife Fight modes, right click to melee attack. Leave knife light when the enemy is not hit, when the enemy touches the knife light, they will take melee dmg.

Snake Scale 

In Mutation, Challenge and Adventure Modes, when this weapon is in the backstage of the current backpack, for every damage dealt by other weapons(with a minimum interval), 1 Snake Scale is dealt to attack the enemy at the direction of the collimator. In Mutation Mode, after transforming into a Mutant, if the weapon is currently in the backpack, for every damage taken(with a minimum interval), 1 snake scale will be dealt at the direction of the target to deal damage to humans, and the damage will be considered infected if it kills a human.

Attached Spirit 

Unlock Phase 1 weapons. In Adventure Mode, when the backpack carries this weapon, increase a certain Energy Strength for all other backpacks, can be stacked to take effect, maximum of 3, priority to take the higher-tier weapons(the effect is enhanced after advanced).In Mutation, Challenge and Adventure Modes, press E to activate high energy status. In Adventure Mode, the Energy Strength of weapons carried in other backpacks will be transformed to a certain percentage into the current backpack. In Mutation and Challenge Modes, if all backpacks have 1 heroic level and gold level melee weapons, the basic damage of this weapon will be increased. During high energy status,when left/right click to attack,generate gullies forward.After a short delay explosion, the explosion deals damage and stuns the target(stun is invalid to the boss, In Mutation mode causes high slowdown effect)

Serpent Dance

Unlock Phase 2 weapons. In Mutation, Challenge and Adventure Modes, during high energy period, press V to use 1 Serpent Dance, the weapon will spin around, continuously dealing high damage and inhaling surrounding enemies. In Adventure Mode, during Serpent Dance, damage dealt from other players can be rebounded. In Mutation Mode, remain invincible during and after Serpent Dance for a few seconds.

Energy Strike

Chance to cause Critical Energy Damage.

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