Divinity Radiance
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Dear Strikers,

The new Elite edition gold blade is now available in game from 8 to 28 September in hot events.

During the event, For every recharge of 60 gold coins, you can get a Double-gun Shooter Paintx1
days+Divinity Radiance Pack x1

For every recharge of 660 gold coins, you can receive an additional Divinity Radiance Pack x10 
During the event, for every 180 gold coins consumed, you can buy a package of Divinity Radiance fragments1

Open the Divinity Radiance Fragment Pack to get Divinity Radiance Fragments11 ~ 100

Check the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXrAlwYi0DM

Weapon Details

Nameless Sword Art

In Mutation, Challenge and Adventure Modes, you are invincible before the attack. Press E to activate in Knife Fight, you are invincible before the attack. Invincibility will be extended for a short time after weapon advancement.

Sage Sword Art

In Mutation and Knife fight mode, if the attack misses, it will retain sword aura in the air for a period of time, and the sword aura will deal damage to enemies in contact and disappear. In Challenge and Adventure Mode, the sword aura will remain and continue to deal damage to enemies in contact after left-click attack, and will last for a period of time before disappearing.

Saint's Judgement 

This skill can only be used once per game, and cooldown is shared between multiple weapons. In Challenge and Adventure mode, press E to activate and select the enemy near the sight, press E again to cast or right click to deactivate. Charges Divinity Radiance, and after a brief moment, casts a stunning slash that deals ranged damage, and the target selected during the charging phase will be controlled (not effective on boss) The damage will kill all non-elite non-boss and non-players. Deals huge damage to all enemies in range and adds Divinity effect : elites or boss type enemies will be banished to death if their HP is too low. Deals continuous damage to players, if their HP falls too low, they will be banished to death and have a unique kill animation. Divinity effect is lifted upon death and cannot be stacked. The damage of Saint's Judgement will be determined by the energy strength of the backpack with the highest energy strength

Endless Glory

In Adventure Mode, this weapon provides a damage boost when in the current backpack, when not in the current backpack, provides a damage boost but only half as effective as the former. The above two effects can each take effect once.

Energy Strike

Chance to cause Critical Energy Damage.

Weapon Upgrade Information:

Sync 25% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 60

Sync 50% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 120

Sync 75% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 200

Sync 100% - 150% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 360 each sync 

Sync 175% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 650

Sync 200% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 360

Sync 225% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 520

Sync 250% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 1000

Sync 275% - 525% : Divinity Radiance Fragment * 10 each sync (110 Fragments) 

Sync 550% - 1025% : Aptitude Gem Lv.1 Gold * 1 each sync (20 Gems)

Sync 1050% - 1375% : Lv.1 Glow Gemstone * 1 each sync (14 Gems)

Sync 1400% : Lv.3 Splendid Jewel * 1

Sync 1425% - 1525% : Lv.1 Glow Gemstone * 1 each sync (5 Gems)

Sync 1550% - 1625% : Lv.2 Moonlight Gem * 1 each sync (4 Gems)

Sync 1650% : Aptitude Gem Lvl 3 Gold * 1

Sync 1675% - 1950% : Lv.3 Splendid Jewel * 1 each sync (12 Gems)

Sync 1975% - 2050% : Lv.2 Moonlight Gem * 1 each sync (4 Gems)

Sync 2075% : Lv.3 Unreal Gem * 2 

Total : 
Divinity Radiance Fragments * 4100 
Divinity Radiance Fragments to evolve * 1680
Aptitude Gem Lvl 1 * 20
Aptitude Gem Lvl 3 * 1
Lvl 1 Glowgem * 19
Lvl 2 Moonlight Gem * 8
Lvl 3 Splendid Gem * 13
Lvl 3 Unreal Gem * 2

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