Treasure War πŸ’₯
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                                 The Treasure House War event just started!!


Players can enter a event through adventure mode main screen.Event last from 10.3 to 10.30 After event ends you will be awarded with some great loot and beautiful titles, and most important, Roller Skater girl enchance stone including Ultimate Stone.



Gameplay Info:

After choose your own dangerous level you will enter reworked version of desert08 map. In the main hall there are 4 treasure artifacts to pick up. Remember: Dont be greedy

1.Zeus Hand Dopplanger:
 Allow you to spawn 2-5(based on your Mecha level) clones to help you win. Clones last around 30s

2.Duel Moment:
 Allow you to execute bunch of mobs like Death Ray Extreme talent(up to 30 at time) Uses 2-6(mecha level).

3.Skydome beacon:

 Allow you to place Skydome beacon to increse your energy regeneration and damage reduction

4.Thor Touch

Allow you to use Thor Touch ability (immortality for 12 seconds)

Each time youpick up an artifact,mob wave will spawn(depending on your Monster Type dangerous level)

After clearing this wave of mobs, after passing through the two red doors, jumping off the four-square pit and coming to the next level.

Big Room
In this level, different numbers and types of monsters will be refreshed according to the monster bonus you choose.

Mobs will spawn in different spawn points so watch out and turn around u.
After clearing mobs you gonna enter Boss Stage.

Boss Stage.

Boss on this event its Wooden Stake Statue with bunch of fancy skills so better watch out

State Skills:


-Boss spawning burning areas that deals damage after 1 second

 -Boss spawning cold wave.If ur under wave controll,u cant move or attack
Sonic Wave
 -Boss use sonic wave to confuse you.Your keyboard/mouse commands gonna be reversed(example a=d,s=w,left mouse=right mouse)
-Boss taking less damage for certain period of time
-After you clear a battle, you gonna earn Treasure Coins based on difficulty(normal 280,hard 290,nightmare 300) 
-Also you can increse them by obtaining Monetary Cards (100 gold 10% extra coins and 500 gold 30% extra coins) and evolving White night pistol(20%).
You can spend these coins in shop for some super treasure.You can buy many rune themed materials,character materials or brand new character Roller Skater for super 
cheap price.Minimum price of Roller Skater its just 2650 gold!!

All you need to do its obtain both monetary cards and buy  tickets in Summer Adventure Admission Ticket(offers A-E) and play every week weekly 10 attempts+serwer reward.Its looks hard but its really easy and character its worth that low amount of gold.

But there is also other option for players and this option is Queen Hasseblad.There are Queen equipment boxes in every shop tier(cheapest price 480 coins at III)

Then you can use them to synthesis Queen Galaxy Suit parts.Each blue part have stardust energy and gives 4 Luck Points.So if u want stick with Bill u can try your luck and get Queen set instead Roller. Cost is 2x less but all based on luck and your stardust situation.

In other hand there are also rune materials and character materials.Grab it if u need them.
Also you can get things like Mecha Girl accesories or Sea of Shark skin but its only for high pay2win players.Commemorative coins isnt that big deal unless you have 
spare coins(they dont give much stats and costs alot).