White Night Gunblade ♞
—————————————————————2022-09-02 00:56:53—————————————————————

Dear Strikers,


The New Limited gold edition pistol, the white night is now availlable in hot event from 1 to 10 Sept.

🚩During the event, for every 60 gold coins you recharge, you can get a double-gun shooter spray paint*3 days + White Night Gunblade pack*1 For every 660 gold coins recharged, you can receive an additional White Night Gunblade Package*10

🚩During the event, every 180 gold coins you spend can buy the White Night Gunblade Fragment Pack*1 Open the Baiye Gunblade Fragment Pack to get White Night Gunblade Fragments*11~100 Buy once Buy 10 times

🚩Open the pack to get one of the following items:
➡️Grenade bag *7 days
➡️Bulletproof vest*3 days
➡️Bulletproof helmet *3 days
➡️Variation serum*3days~7days
➡️Sync crystal*20~30
➡️Hero Crystal*11~500
➡️Yellow Crystal*7~333
➡️Psionic Gem*22~1000
➡️White Night Gunblade*1

⚠️In this event, Players can only get the White Night Gunblade once.

➡️Sync 25% : White Night Blade Shards * 60 

➡️Sync 50% : White Night Blade Shards * 120

➡️Sync 75% : White Night Blade Shards * 200

➡️Sync 100% : White Night Blade Shards * 360

➡️Sync 125% - 225% : White Night Blade Shards * 600 each sync

➡️Sync 250% - 475% : White Night Blade Shards * 10 each sync

➡️Sync 500% - 1475% : Aptitude Gem Level 1 Golden * 1 each sync

➡️Sync 1500% - 1725% : Aptitude Gem Level 3 Golden * 1 each sync 

➡️Sync 1750% - 1875% : Level 3 Splendid Jewel * 1 each sync 

➡️Sync 1900% - 1975% : Level 3 Splendid Jewel * 2 each sync


Total : 

White Night Blade Shards * 3840 
Aptitude Gem Level 1 Golden * 40 
Aptitude Gem Level 3 Golden * 10 
Level 3 Splendid Jewel * 14 



Blade Blockade 

 In Mutation,Big Head Challenge and Adventure mode, press E to activate to impose a fixed body effect on the enemy who hit the last time. When using White Night Blade attacks the enemy who is fixed by effect, Gain has a blade mark and reduces the duration of the fixed body effect. Each Blade Seal will increase the attack speed of the white night spear blade and shorten the Cooldown time of Blade Blockade. Ben Skill is not effective against the enemy of BOSS tag in Adventure Mode. 

Imprint Break Out

 In Mutation,Big Head Challenge and Adventure mode, Player has the blade imprint to reach the upper limit when the white night blast blade weapon ammo is completely recovered. Next time Use's blade blockade skill will fix many enemies around target. At the same time, Cost all seal according to cost amount, caused damage to the enemy. Ben Skill is not effective against the enemy of BOSS tag in Adventure Mode. 

Weapon skill in adventure 

 Right Click to activate the skill, dealing high frequency area damage to the target area and continuously draining energy. After the skill is activated, if you hit an enemy with the left-click normal attack of the weapon and the unit is on the ground, the area attack center will be transferred to the enemy. The transfer ability has cooldown.