Nightmare is coming Phase II 🛡️
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Dear Strikers,

The gameplay of the nightmare event (Phase 2) starts on February 11 (phase 1 canceled).


✨How to play:

➡️Players can enter the Nightmare Adventure through Adventure Mode - Camp Lobby;

➡️The Nightmare Mark obtained in the event level can be exchanged for items in the current event store; (The Nightmare Mark produced in this event is a brand new currency, and the previous Nightmare Mark cannot be used in this event)

➡️Accumulating the specified points will automatically unlock the purchase authority of the corresponding items in the store, and the points will not be consumed; the higher the activity points, the more cost-effective the unlocked products. (Titles, commemorative coins and other props repeatedly purchased attributes cannot be superimposed, please only choose the most favorable price to buy)

➡️Complete the Nightmare level for the first time every day to get the first victory package;

➡️Click the plus button next to the currency income to open the currency income card interface. By collecting currency income cards, you can increase the amount of currency dropped in the level; after the income card task is completed, you need to clear the level again to take effect.

➡️Special events will be updated every day, and the use of specific weapons can reduce the difficulty of customs clearance; *Full server rewards will be activated after the number of challenges on this server reaches the specified number, and all players can click on the treasure chest to claim them.

✨Reconnaissance sweep function description:

➡️After the player completes the adventure level, record the shortest time for the player to clear a single level;

➡️When using the reconnaissance sweep function, each sweep needs to be online for more than the minimum time to get the reward;

➡️Players can choose the number of sweeps, and multiple sweeps will stack the timings. For example, if a player chooses to sweep 10 times and the minimum time is 3 minutes, they need to be online for more than 10*3=30 minutes before they can claim the reward.

✨Combat gameplay:

➡️Players need to form a 3-person team to enter the battle by teaming or matching;

➡️There are a total of 4 boss battles in the battle, after killing all bosses in sequence, the battle is won;

➡️If the final boss is not defeated within the specified time, the battle will fail;

➡️This event does not limit the number of times players can be resurrected, and the number of times they can switch backpacks is limited once;

➡️Get Nightmare Mark every time you complete a level (the basic amount is: Normal Difficulty 200 Difficulty Difficulty 250 Nightmare Difficulty 300 This amount enjoys a monetary benefit bonus);

➡️Each time you complete a level, you will get a different quality of "Titan Base Collection Treasure Chest" according to the difficulty of the challenge (Normal Difficulty: Normal Difficulty: Excellent Nightmare Difficulty: Legend)

🛑Having the Hand of Zeus·Two can receive a 50% bonus in the event interface, and the damage of this weapon in the "Nightmare Second Phase" level is increased by 200%.

🛑Event commemorative coins and title attribute display:

🛑The attributes of the collection and commemorative coins in this issue are not valid for the time being. After the collection system of the subsequent version is launched, you can obtain permanent attribute bonuses by unlocking the illustrated book by consuming props.