Parasite 🦠
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Dear Strikers,

The most powerful sniper, Parasite, will be available in game from January 19 to January 31, do not miss the time limited special weapon 🎯

During the event, for every 20 gold coins you spend, you can get Dual-gun shooter painting*1 day, and a Parasite Gift Pack*1

🧲Open the Parasite Pack to get one of the following items:

➡️Hero Crystal*11~500
➡️Yellow Crystal*7~333
➡️Psionic Gem*22~1000
➡️Parasite*1 ( based on luck -- between 3000~8000 gold ) Main price : 8000 gold 

During the event, for every 180 golds you spend, you can buy a Parasite Fragment Pack*1
🧲Open the Parasite Fragment Pack to get Parasite Fragment*11-100

💥New Year's Benefit: When the sync rate of parasite weapons is consumed, [Qualification Gem Lv1 Gold Coins*1] are replaced with [Golden Weapon Fragments*10]
💥We have added a great discount on gems level 3 for players who buy  the Parasite which will help you in the sync levels. 

For who already obtained Zeus Hand, you can combine a great power up between the gold shotgun and the special sniper. In your bag 1 with zeus hand you can spawning first the 5 zeus phantoms and you can switch to the parasite bag and enjoy an ultimate combo between those 2 weapons ( parasite skill can launch a shock wave attacking all enemys in sight with a round of bullets triggering a Visceral Crit Effect that can greatly increase your damage 🔥




The parasite is a multi-form sniper rifle developed by styx lab. The parasite can be equipped with a clip and attack as a semi-automatic sniper rifle. In addition, it can also release a wide range of ultrasonic shock waves and lethal shelling. Warriors who can use it flexibly often can easily cope with different kinds of variants.


In Mutation, BH Hero and Zombie siege, this sniper have a great accurancy. The sight\aim is displyed without scope and the accurency does not change while jumping or moving.

📌Visceral Crit Effect: 
After hitting the tarfet, apply the visceral critial strike effect, which can be superimposed to increase the damage of the weapon to the target

📌Shock Wave Skill E:
In Adventure mode, press E to  launch the giant cannon bullets and consume energy each time you left click your mouse, causing damage and sucking the nearby target, When the gun dart hits the BOSS unit, you can stack the giany gun shock wave, and trigger high damage after stacking to MAX.

Upgrade Information:

🔰Rank 0    Hot Event - Gold Shop for 8000 gold:  Rank B 1.45 Parasite 0 evolution, 4 Stars
🔰Rank 1    840 Parasite Fragment:                         Rank B 1.55 Parasite, 5 Stars
🔰Rank 2    840 Parasite Fragment:                         Rank A 1.74 Parasite, 6 Stars
🔰Reconstruction    1000 Comon rank up shards ( red shards)    HP and Shield +350, Energy Intensity +200

➡️25%    Parasite Fragment x60
➡️50%    Parasite Fragment x120
➡️75%    Parasite Fragment x200
➡️100%    Parasite Fragment x360
➡️125%    Parasite Fragment x120
➡️150%    Parasite Fragment x120
➡️175%    Parasite Fragment x360
➡️200%    Parasite Fragment x360
➡️225%    Parasite Fragment x480
➡️250%-1475%    Gold Weapon Shard x500
➡️1500%    Gold Weapon Shard x10
➡️1525%    Gold Weapon Shard x10
➡️1550%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1575%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1600%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x2
➡️1625%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1650%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1675%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1700%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1725%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1750%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1775%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1800%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1
➡️1825%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3 x1

🛑Total 73 syncs: 3860 Parasite Fragments, 520 Gold Weapon shards, 13 gems level 3, 84 Legendary book, 72,912 sync crystals
🛑3850 Fragments will cost you arround 70k gold from shop, and 45~60k gold in hot event based on luck.

🔰Benefits when MAX : 
➡️Combat Power : 103390
➡️Energy Intensity(total) : 30,356
➡️Physical Strength(total) : 17,599
➡️Lore: 7285
➡️Constitution: 6815
➡️Technique : 2635
➡️Defense: 3715

Table Information: