Hand of Zeus ⚡️
—————————————————————2021-12-17 03:40:44—————————————————————

Dear Strikers,

Your account is weak and not able to beat hard stages or get score in chaos? we have come to you with a solution, the new ultimate gold shotgun,zeus hand, will be available on 19 December in hot events. With this powerful gun nothing is impossible after reaching the sync level to the maximum you can beat the hardest stages and the strongest players.

🌟During the event, for every 20 gold coins consumed, you can purchase double-gun shooter spray paint*1 day, and come with a Zeus's Hand gift bag*1

Open the gift pack to get one of the following items:
Hero Crystal*11~500
Yellow Crystal*7~333
Psionic Gem*22~1000
Zeus's Hand*1

🌟During the event, you can purchase the Zeus's Hand Fragment Pack*1 for every 250 gold coins consumed
Open the Zeus's Hand Fragment Pack to get the Zeus's Hand Fragment*11~100



🌟Zeus, the king of gods, once had a powerful pair of gloves, which are said to have complete control over the power of lightning. One of those gloves has been lost and used by the ancient Greeks bound with pure gold to forge a destructive weapon, because the weapon is created with great lightning energy, the creator named it after Zeus' hand but the name is far from enough to describe its horror.

🔰Table Informtion:


🔰Upgrade Informtion:

Evo 1 : 840 shards
Evo 2: 840 Shards
Buy the weapon from hot event or gold shop for 8000 gold. 

25%    Zeus Hand Fragment x60
50%    Zeus Hand Fragment x120
75%    Zeus Hand Fragment x120
100%    Zeus Hand Fragment x360
125%    Zeus Hand Fragment x120
150%    Zeus Hand Fragment x360    
175%    Zeus Hand Fragment x360
200%    Zeus Hand Fragment x360    
225%    Zeus Hand Fragment x480    
250%    Zeus Hand Fragment x360    
275%    Zeus Hand Fragment x480
300%-525%    Zeus Hand Fragment x100    
550%-1525%    Aptitude Gem Lv.1  x40    
1550%-1625%    Aptitude Gem Lv.2  x4
1650%    Aptitude Gem Lv.2  x1
1675%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x1
1700%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x2
1725%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x3
1750%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x6
1775%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x6
1800%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x6
1825%    Aptitude Gem Lv.3  x6

Total 73 syncs. Meaning also extra 730 points of (Lore, Technique, Defense, Constitution)

🔰Here is the gold shotgun abilities as the follows:

⚜️[Thundercore Burst]
In Adventure mode press left click to launch a thunderball which will explode after hitting the target or colliding with the scene causing a damage to the target in the range.

⚜️[Zeus Phantom - Skill E] 
After pressing E key, a zeus phantom will spawn in position and can't move, but it will continue to use the thunder nucleus bursting skill to hit the enemy's in a wide range.
You can summon up to 5 Phantoms which will stay active even after the host falls in battle. 

⚜️[Thunder Energy]
After the thunder burst electricity ball hit the enemy, a lightning chain will be triggered to the surrounding area causing electricity damage and can jump to surrounding enemies in range, targets hit by the lightning chain will be marked and suffer from inductive electricity.  

⚜️[Inductive Electricity]
Every target hit by the thunder energy will be marked and will receive more damage once hit by thundercore balls, and the jumping time of lightning chain will increase. 

⚜️[Fire Set] 
In Adventure Mode, right click to mask any enemy and order all zeus phantom to attack it. You can at any time right click on other enemy to switch targets,
Right click on an empty area will cancel the mask.