🔰🔥 New Version Update 🔥 🔰
—————————————————————2021-06-08 02:09:58—————————————————————

Dear Strikers, 

Battle Teams will enter the  new version 1.20 update for both servers on June 9 at 6:01 AM (UTC), 2:00 PM Beijing Time, 1:00 AM CDT ( after check in reset time with 1 hour ) for over 5 hours ⏳During this time, servers will be closed and you cannot login the game. If maintenance is completed sooner than expected, the game will be available to login

The new version is big and not only about new content but also will be adjusting the gaming experience, real time 3D, FPS dropping issue, loading bar issue, realistic game play and more💡, the content will be divided into 7 parts to avoid boredom as the follows: 


➡️The New Main Stage Chapter 6 : Phantom Island Part 1 will be unlocked
➡️The New Trail of Valor Chapter 11 will be unlocked
➡️The New Forbidden Arena Chapter 7 will be unlocked
➡️The New Armed Assault Rebirth Battle - Doctor Octopus fight will be open
➡️The New Supreme Gold Shotgun Zeus Hand will be added ( at last ) 
➡️The New Tactical Weapon Data Cube will be added.
➡️The New Special Parasite Sniper will be available.
➡️The New Rare rifle Arc magnetic flux will be available
➡️The New Grenade Comet Type II is added
➡️The New Character Hacker Girl and Galaxy Project Star set will be available. 
➡️The New VIP chars Zerg and Pandora will be unlocked.
➡️The New VIP9 and VIP10 variant characters is open to purchase
➡️All series of Hacker girls will be available. 
➡️Hacker Girl-Xi Bier's Awakening Skill: Void Leap will be unlocked.
➡️Hacker girl Xi Bier new play mode-BulletStorm will be added.
➡️The New Exclusive Galaxy Set-Abyss Hacker (Project Star)
➡️Star Project: Deathmatch factory: classic team, special battle, blade warrior, big hero, team 
battle and other modes
➡️New Galaxy Set-Abyss Hacker (Project Star)
➡️Electronic Girl (Storm Alliance) version will be added.
➡️New Life Core system and shield core system added to the renovation workshop
➡️The Bio lab will be updated
➡️The Weapon Reconstruction will be greatly extended,
➡️Star Project Phase II exclusive feature will be unlocked
➡️Unlocked more stones in the Top Furnace system.
➡️The following will join the EX Furnace: 
・Aurora Ultimate Enhancement Strength 
・Dark Erosion Ultimate Enhancement Strength 
・Tex Ultimate Fortification Enhancement Strength
・Machete Gun Ultimate Enhancement Strength 
・Metal Rush Ultimate Enhancement Strength 
・Light of Dawn Fortification Enhancement Strength
・Phase Walker Fortification Enhancement Strength
・Endless Light and Shadow Fortification Enhancement Strength
・Thor's Touch Fortification Enhancement Strength
➡️Adventure mode: “the nightmare is coming” will open .
➡️Rune backpack system will be added
➡️Base cleanup activities (resident activities) will be added with 3 difficulties and 10 daily attempts ( will be explained once it's online.)
➡️Off-shelf scenes: theme parks, Jiangnan gardens, new city hunting, etc
➡️Brand new revision of achievement system
➡️New Blade challenge will be available. 
➡️New mode: runaway big head
➡️Updated lobby game entrance-play mode
➡️Some modes and scenes are temporarily removed, and some removal modes are related to career tasks, and they have been adjusted to other available modes accordingly.
➡️Removal mode: mecha variation, mecha duel, big bayonet battle and other modes
➡️War Zone Activity gameplay will be open
➡️The Second Nightmare (Phase 2) Event Gameplay Started
➡️New Ladder Match update, ladder shop update. 
➡️Lab x will be updated.
➡️New Arsenals Update
➡️Added the weapons :
・Shotgun-Wandering the Void
・Hunter Nepal (accumulatively signed in the tenth round of output)
・Hook fan
・Furious Coil
・Furious Symbiote
・Building Blocks Lite
・Cuttlefish bomb
・New Weapon skin Box No. 7
・Tibetan front
・Juggling Flying Blade
・Royal High Explosive
・Void Link
・Block Shotgun
・Comet Type II
・Phantom Guard
・Energy Defender
・Zongzi High Explosive
・Light edge
・Unlimited firepower
・Shang Fang Sword
・Sweetheart Slingshot
・Candy factory
・Block short bow
・Skydome Beacon
・With light and shadow
・Slime Water Gun
・・・More to come・・・
➡️New title system is open
➡️【Water Park】Map update
➡️HK416-Electronic Girl will be available
➡️Lord Scuffle Reward system is extended
➡️New Lord Scuffle Rewards are open.
➡️The mutant chars will be available in shop
➡️New Artifact Arsenal Update 
➡️BTPL Proleague Major Content will be added :
・M4A1 BTPL Gold and Heroic version will be added 
・ACE and MVP spray paint and badge will be added 
・Rank 1 2 3 winners spray paint and badge will be added
・Major arsenal will be available ( player can open rare defuse weapons or exchange between his crystals )
・New royal weapons design will be added 
・AK47 Esports will be added
The proleague planed to start at 19-26 June 
➡️New Xtreme Battle mode will be updated
➡️Grip of Fury (acquired by career system) is updated
➡️New modes will be added
➡️Adjusting mutation gameplay, new mode mutation evolution, ultimate evolution
➡️New Mutant chars will open
➡️New Chars is unlocked
➡️New update on Mercenary School 
➡️New Adventure camp update.
➡️Squad league will be fixed
➡️New Adventure Task will be available
➡️Adventure missions will be added.
➡️The New Check In Box will be available to use
➡️New 50 day check in series will be added
➡️The Warrior Challenge Season 6 box and skin will be able to be used.
➡️Adding a huge Synchronize level for many weapons.
➡️Adding many new weapons
➡️New Gameplay experience will be added
➡️FPS drop issue will be arranged.
➡️Graphics will be arranged. 
➡️Client launcher will be arranged
➡️Unity loading screen will be arranged.

And more content will be available, and will be shared per month with the scheduled server maintenance.

Thanks for all your patience and understanding all the way here, your support has always been our biggest motivation 😍

Best Regards ~ ☕️
Wizard Games Management Team 🌟