🔥Thor's Touch🔥
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Dear Strikers,

✨The new powerful gold edition melee weapon,Thor's Touch  will be available in-game Hot Events from June 1-June 14 with a great deal, top up 3500 gold and use them to purchase the thor's touch, then login to the game between July 1 to July 15 and receive a rebate of 3,500 golds💰

✨We made a second gold rebate on 260 Thor's Touch shards as well, reach 7000 gold top up between june 1-14 and buy the Thor's Touch Fragments Pack ( 260 sjards for 4800 gold ), you can login to the game on July 1-15 and receive 3500 gold back. 

✨You can receive a great lord of blessing benefits while purchasing Thor's Touch shards, for every 360 fragment you can receive 15 lord of blessing, so for for 4720 fragments ( needed to max the weapon)  you will receive 315 Lord of blessing.

✨To upgrade and sync the Thor's touch to max level you will need 4720 fragments. and 40 aptitdue gems level 1 ( we will add huge amount of syncs next month ) 

✨Each 1 Thor's Touch shard cost 18 gold.



Thor's touch was born out of the sacred vessel used for sacrifice in the Skyfire Order-Thunder Sanctuary, and the records about Thunder Sanctuary have existed since the founding of Skyfire Order. However, no one knows its specific origin, except that lifting it to the sky whenever offering sacrifices will lead to miracles of thunder and lighting. After joining the Skyfire Church, the Temple of Wisdom studied this sacred vessel and developed the Touch of Thor. At present, Thor's Touch, as a kind of highest honor, is awarded to the outstanding soldiers with outstanding resumes in Skyfire Knights! 

📌Weapon Information :

Sync No.1 : Cost 60 Shards
Sync No.2 : Cost 120 Shards
Sync No.3 : Cost 200 Shards
Sync No.4 : Cost 360 Shards
Sync No.5 : Cost 160 Shards
Sync No.6 : Cost 380 Shards
Sync No.7 : Cost 160 Shards
Sync No.8 : Cost 410 Shards
Sync No.9 : Cost 650 Shards
Sync No.10~ No.19 : Cost 100 Shards, 10 per sync
Sync No.20~ No.59 : Cost 40 Aptitude Gem Lv.1. Gold, 1 per sync


Total : 4720 Shards ; 84860 Gold

Extreme Attributes:

🔰Rautheon Rage Skill:

Press the E key to activate the Raytheon Rage skill, which will generate an electric circle centered to the blade holder doing continuous damage to all enemy around, and send additionally a beacon ( only if the second evo is open ) to the holder aim sight, the beacon will explodes after colliding with the scene or enemy unit, causing range damage, and then an additional electric circle is generated at the explosion point, which is the same in size, duration and damage as the player's own electric circle.

🎯Skill Effect and benefit 


-The electric circle will last for 8/12/18 seconds (Evo 0,Evo 1, Evo 2 - based on the weapon evolution state ) .
-The electric circle can cause a great deceleration (slow) effect to the enemy inside. 
-The electric circle have 20/40/80% chance (Evo 0,Evo 1, Evo 2 - based on the weapon evolution state) to mark the target around, once a target is marked 3 times the thunderstorm skill will be activated stunning the target and causing 200% double range damage ( twice the skill damage and can increase to 250% with synchronisation ), the damage will appear in red color. Targets who are already marked and affected by thunderstorms can be affected again until 1.5 second passed.
-Targets affected by thunderstorm will receive extra 2/7/15% damage (based on the weapon evolution state) for 2/4/7 seconds (based on the weapon evolution state)


Rautheon Wrath


Additionally to the electric circle and thunderstorm generated by using the skill E of Thor, an exclusive effect will be activated, the Raytheon Wrath gain at the same time and the duration is the same as the electric circle time providing 3 great benefits: 

➡️Treatment ability: For each damage caused by the skill E player can heal his HP and recover his shield based on the damage caused. 

➡️Damage Reduction: For every 1% shield lost, the player will receive a damage reduction up to 0.2/0.5%(Evo 0, Evo 1)

➡️Damage Boost: For every 1% HP lost, the weapon basic damage will increase by 1/2%(Evo 0, Evo 1)

Those 2 buffs will gradually increase with no limit when the shield\HP decreases, the buff will not be lost or decrease if the player is healed and will remain at the highest value it was before healing, the Buff will be reset once the holder falls in battle. 

The damage boost will also affect the thunderstorm damage. 

The percentage boost for both can be shown on the melee.

The effect of the skill will be boosted by synchronisation, when skill is activated, it will consume 60% from HP and shield ( do not worry the healing effect is huge, the point of it for boosting the skill ) , those 60% consumed will give you 30% damage reduction ( 60x0.5 if Evo 1 ) and 120% damage boost ( 60% x 2 if evo 1 ) which will increase within the time if the player is being injured with no limit ( can reach 300% reduction and 500% damage boost ).