Year of the Rat Game Play 🐀✨
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Dear Strikers, 

The new exclusive gameplay in adventure will be open on 2021-5-3 at 09:00 CST server time, do not miss it 🤩
Players can enter the Year of the Rat carnival adventure through the adventure mode-camp hall.



                   This new event is divided into 2 big modes: 

🔰Challenge Mode:

💡Players cannot use their own weapons to enter the battle.
💡Players can improve their combat power by picking up dropped weapons, BUFF and skill points in the battle. 
💡After completing any difficulty level, the player will get a certain number of weapon chips to unlock the exclusive weapon in the challenge mode, the chips will be obtained in a clearence box after you win a single match in challenge mode, the harder the difficult the more chips is won.
💡You can use the exclusive weapons you unlocked by picking up the purple, blue, and gold boxes depends on the quality of the weapon. 
💡Challenge mode requires 3 players to match at the same time to start the game.
💡You could not use the sweep function in this mode.
💡The ranking will be based on the clearance time of nightmare difficulty, the faster the single clearance time the higher the ranking.
🏆The fighting reward will be the exclusive year of the rat title.

🔰Free Normal Mode:

💡Players can use their own weapons to enter the game.
💡Players can increase the amount of coins  obtained in the battle by completing the revenue card task
💡After completing any difficulty, players will obtain a certain number of coins ( tubes) used to purchase items from the event store, and a sweep damage according to the damage dealt during the battle.
💡The ranking will be based on the score obtained during the battle, the higher the cumulative score, the higher the ranking. 
💡The free mode can start the game at any time and the room can not be joined after 5 minutes. 
💡The Neon Tubes can be used to purchase items from the event store. 
💡The event store is devised to many levels, to unlock the store level 2 you need to buy everything from the store level 1, to unlock the store level 3 you need to buy everything from the store level 2.
🏆The fighting reward will be the exclusive Tex ultimate fortification red stone. 

💣Combat Information : 

💡Defeat the BOSS that appears on the way, escort the vehicle to the end, and defeat the BOSS at the end to win the game.
💡Stay near the vehicle till the outpost line otherwise it will go back to the pervious point.
💡In the battle, you can improve the vehicle by picking up the fallen stars on the map Forward speed
💡If the final BOSS is not defeated within the specified time or the number of resurrection times is exhausted, the battle will fail.
In the free mode, the coins ( called neon tubes)  is obtained according to the number of BOSS defeated by the player in the battle (the basic number is: normal difficulty 100, hard difficulty 200, and nightmare difficulty 300)
💡Complete the level once to get a fixed number of neon tubes (the basic number is: Normal Difficulty 5, Hard Difficulty 15, Nightmare Difficulty 30)
💡You will have some Weapon BUFF according to the type. 
💡The amount of neon tube obtained during the battle can be boosted based on mercenary ticket you obtain. 

The Event shop will close within 7 days after the event ends. 

Good Luck everyone 💥

Wizard Games Management Team 🌹