Endless Light | Brand New Legendary Pistol
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Dear Strikers,

The new legendary pistol will be out on May 7 2021 and will join the Essence store. You can obtain the Endless Light Origin from Hot event with a discount based on the number of legendary weapons you have in warehouse.





Upgrade Information :


To upgrade the Endless Light the End to the maximum level in adventure mode you need : 


We will open a discount hot event on 7 May that provides you 40 Gem , sync crystals and silver needed for the upgrade.



How to play ? :  Dark and Light Essence Store


🔰First you need to buy the original form of Endless light from hot event " Endless Light·Origin " and the cost will be based on the number of legendary weapons you already have in warehouse: 

0 Legendary weapons : 3280 Golds 
1 Legendary Weapon : 1640 Golds
2 Legendary Weapons : 1312 Golds
3 Legendary Weapons : 984 Golds 
4 Legendary Weapons : 656 Golds
5 Legendary Weapons : 328 Golds

The Legendary Weapons in your warehouse dont play a discount role only, but also it greatly increase your pistol damage and skills. 

🔰After you buy the Endless Light·Origin you need to evolve it to Endless Light·Inherit which will cost you 30 Phantom meteorite fragment, you can obtain the light and shadow meteorite from Essence store after you complete a full journey. 



Each journey have 10 type of reward and will cost you 3000 Gold and 200 Artifact Essence (Approximately )  , after you complete them you can click on the middle reward chest to claim 30 Phantom Meteorite Fragments: 


The 30 Fragments will allow you to evovle your pistol to Endless Light·Inherit in Legendary forge.

🔰 To evolve from Endless Light·Inherit to Endless Light·The End you will need 300 Phantom Meteorite Fragments so you will have to reset the essence store and play it 10 more times to collect the materials neeeded. 



The Legendary pistol have very exclusive skills and benefits as the follow:


[Unlimited Honor]:

🔰Exclusive display in the room list and during the battle. Don't fall after death.
🔰Exclusive gun effect and construction.


[Dark Matter Energy]:

🔰Damage dealt to mutant + zombies in mutation and challenge mode is increased. 
🔰Penetration ability: ignore the penetration decay and distance to deal full weapon damage 
🔰The first 2 bullets of the pistol can ignore the player armor and directly damage his HP
🔰Exclusive gun effect and construction. Exclusive display in the room list and during the battle. Don't fall after death.


🔰It is the special skill of the endless Light you can activate\deactivate it by pressing E. 
Activating the skill will switch you for the third person view and continuously make 2 type of damage for the enemy around:


✔ The Light damage is the first damage that allow you to freeze and slow down the target ( only in challenge and adventure mode ) 
✔ The shadow damage is counted as melee damage judgment ( count as knife kill in mutation. 

💥When skill is activated you will receive a damage reduction from all attacks
💥When the skills end it can cause a ranged ground explosion and stun the enemy around.
💥The damage caused by the skill can help also recover some of your HP.


[Shadow of Gemini]:

🔰When your blue energy bar become fully loaded to 100% ( killing and hitting enemy ) a virtual endless shadow will be generated while holding the gun.

💥This virtual shadow will follow the host and attack the enemy around using the Rampant skill and causing the same damage as the gun holder does when using the same skill E.

💥The virtual shadow is able to heal you and all teammates around also provide you a damage boost. 

💥When the player receive a fatal damage, the virtual shadow will act as defence and explode to cause a vertigo damage to all enemy around also heal the host ( healing effect is enhanced by 200% the first 5 second after explosion ) and give him a small time immunity and stealth effect
The virtual shadow will still exist if you switch to another gun in the same effect and disappear after the host dies or switch backpack.

[Power of Gemini]: 

✔ When you switch to this gun it will automatically sweep in melee causing damage to all targets in front.
✔ It also can increase the melee damage of other weapons in the same backpack for a temporary time. 

[Gemini Blessing]:

🔰When the target HP is less than 50% increase the damage by 20% 
🔰When the target HP is less than 50% increase the damage by 35%
🔰Increase 15% damage to all pistols in warehouse.


🔰You can consider this pistol as a infinite ammo when the first pistol magazine is exhausted you can switch to the second pistol and load bullet at the same time.
🔰Press the right key to cause a very fast x5 melee combo damage.

[Gun Master] :

🔰Receive a special kill and display effect 

[Legendary Linkage] :

The more you have legendary weapons in your warehouse the stronger your Legendary pistol will be.

🔰Have 2 other Legendary weapons in the warehouse:

💥 Damage Deepening: increase 15% damage of all pistols in the warehouse.
💥 Rampage Lv1: reduce the cooling time of the rampant skill by 2 seconds and the energy consumption by 50%.
💥 Charge: the charging efficiency of Gemini Shadow guard increase by 100%.

🔰Have 3 other Legendary weapons in the warehouse:

💥Rampage Lv2: reduce the cooling time of the rampant skill by 5 seconds.
💥Healer: After the Shadow of Gemini explode, the host can recover 50% of HP..
💥Rampage Lv3: The damage causing by the rampant skill will increase by 50%.

✔ You will also gain a healing effect for each target you injure and kill. 
✔ You will gain the Energy Strike ability which will cause a crit damage to the target.
✔ You will gain 75% chance to recover 1 ammo after hit.