Base Defense ⚜️
—————————————————————2021-02-21 21:43:22—————————————————————
The new exclusive adventure mode battle is now available in game, with Dragoon eagle ultimate enhance strength, Tex equipment and Jack V rare pet as reward.


Game Play Information:

➡️This mode is based on invading a robotic fort and destroying the 3 Base as primary quest.
➡️First, players have to break down the red protective door in order to move to the second area. 
➡️On the second area players have to destroy the 2 bases sitting on the right and left corners to be able at last to attack the middle one. 
➡️During the battle, robots and flying units will keep spawning and attacking you to defend their continent until all bases are destroyed. 
➡️After destroying all bases , the match will end directly and players will receive metallic parts that can be used in the event shop. 

Basic Information:

➡️Players can use their own weapons to enter the game. 
➡️Each game can include up to 10 random players, you can not invite your friend to join you in the team.
➡️The player can challenge at any time, and the room cannot be joined after 5 minutes of creation. 
➡️Players can obtain Metal parts after the battle ends which can be used to buy items from the event shop.
➡️Players can use sweep function after completing at least 1 challenge, the sweep point will be based on the highest damage you deal in your challenge and will be counted as sweep damage. 
➡️The sweep damage refers to the highest amount of damage you dealt while playing challenges (for example 8.40 sweep damage will be measured as 84,000 point in the ranking list) 
➡️The ranking will be based on the battle scores obtained by the player while challenging or sweeping. The higher the cumulative score, the higher ranking.
➡️Each saturday at the reset time, you can obtain by free 10 more chances. 

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