Brand New Golden Grenades ✨
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Dear Strikers,

The new powerful gold edition grenades, Aurora and Dark erosion will be available in-game Hot Events from February 1-February 20 with a great deal, buy any of those grenades at this duration to receive there cost back from March 1-15 💰

Players who buy Aurora+Dark Erosion at the same time can receive a rebate pack *1 from February 10-20 💸

📌Rules of Participation:

🎯 During the activity period, each Grenade is limited to one purchase, each grenade cost 3500 gold (100% return back)

🎯 The return of golds can only be collected after login to the game from March 1-15.

🎯 The Double Eleven rebate pack must be logged into the game from February 10th to February 20th to receive it. Please collect rewards in time.

🎯 Golds returned by gold rebate cannot participate in recharge activities and will not increase VIP level.

🎯 Aurora & Dark Erosion only output in this activity, and will not enter the Psionic Arsenal.

Example: Player 1 bought a Grenade, so he can collect 3,500 golds from March 1-15

Player 2 bought two grenades and can collect 7,000 golds in the corresponding time.


📌Lord of Blessing benefits:

➡️For every 10 grenades shards you can obtain 1 King blessing point.

➡️Cost King's Blessing Exchange Point *24 to redeem 10 Lord of blessing.

➡️Each 1 shard of Aurora and Dark Erosion cost 18 gold.

➡️To upgrade and sync Aurora to perfect state you need 3740 shards.

➡️To upgrade and sync Dark Erosion to perfect state you need 3480 shards.

📌Weapon Information :

🔰 Dark Erosion: 

Upgrade Information:

Description :


🔰 Aurora : 


Upgrade Information:

Description :


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