Login Issue Notice
—————————————————————2020-10-28 01:39:15—————————————————————
Dear Strikers,
Recently we received many cases from players that they lost access of there account after the new version update, please note for all who fail to access there account that's means they was using Global Strike Client launcher and did not correctly migrate there account.
In order to proceed and solve this problem, you need to complete or fix your migration properly, please check the steps below:
➡️Firstly, on a browser, open www.strike.ngames.com then login your account in the same way you used to login before the new version maintenance.
➡️Press Start game and select your server, a popup page will appear, then click the "Go to bind in the following page".
➡️Enter a valid mail address ✉️ that you own and verify it, so you can use it as recovery mail in case you lost your account, then enter a password for your account.
➡️Once you have set the account credentials, you can use the mail and password you settled to login into the new launcher.
To note please the Global Strike login will be closed at December so who still did not migrate please hurry up to avoid the permanent lose of your character.
You can check the following article for more details : https://na.battleteams1.com/articles/detail/16
Wizard Games Operation Team

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