—————————————————————2020-04-14 02:07:57—————————————————————

Dear Players :

The future operation rights of "Global Strike" will be transferred to the developer's game system, and will continue to provide customer service support, version updates and other services under its Orginal name "Battle Teams" .

The specific matters of account transfer are as follows:

1. The account Transfer function will be launched in 2020/04/15 23:00 PDT and it will close in 2020/05/18 23:59:59 PDT , all game data in the original account will be retained, including: characters, teams, backpacks, warehouses and gold coins;

2. Account transfer operation does not affect your related experience in existing games;

3. We have prepared an exquisite reward for all players who transfer there accounts. In the future, there is very good activites for our player in Discord and facebook fan page .

4.Game facebook fanpage :

5. Please pay attention to the follow-up announcement for the specific operation of account transfer.

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