Wild Butcher
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Hello guys.Let’s meet the protagonist of today:Wild Butcher-Lite. As the lite version of Wild Butcher,I personally think it is a weapon worth owning.

1.Weapon introduction

 Introduction: The lite version of the Wild Butcher removes the original flame injection and bullet recovery system, so the weight of the firearm has been significantly reduced, and the overall structure is more stable and durable, able to cope with more harsh environments.

Weapon feature:Hero weapon,powerful,right click to melee attack.               

Weapon bonus:Mutation and Challenge                                                

2.Ways to obtain

You can get it from events

First person handheld view

Third person handheld view

Press V to inspect

Compared with the original Wild Butcher, there is more rust feeling, making people feel like it’s a weapon with stories.

Drop view

3.Inbattle view

Now let's take a look at the actual combat performance of this weapon.

 Weapon type: PVP weapon, not recommended for adventure mode. Damage value of PVP mode:

Close shot: -132 HP in Big Head Mode.In normal mode you just need single shot. (Though it’s very basic damage as a Shotgun)

I’ve tested the dispersion distance of the lower bullet holes. Basically, this distance is the most perfect.

Then I tried to back some steps,the bullet holes getting scattered.Generally speaking, the Wild Butcher Lite is still a good shotgun. If you missed the Wild Butcher, which has now entered the Psionic Arsenal and hard to obtain, then this weapon is a good substitute.

4.Data analysis

Let's first take a look at the difference between lite and the original. The official data shows that the power has dropped, and the number of magazines has also decreased. But after my personal test, the increase of movement speed is not obvious. I personally think that the biggest gap is the way it looks, lite may have a more sense of age.

Let's compare it with another one-Variation, the damage can be kept flat.However,shotgun only needs one single shot.


In general, among the hero-level weapons, the practicality of the Wild Butcher Lite is good. Although it is a PVP weapon, it can provide steel points in the adventure mode because it is a hero-level weapon. Please remember to get this out-of-print weapon in time and try it in the game! Well the data analysis of the Wild Butcher Lite is almost done! I hope that the above analysis of it can be helpful for you guys.Stay tuned for my next update!

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