Battle Teams Death Alley Strategy And Pro Tips
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Death Alley is a new Mutant Battles map in Battle Teams. Below is a basic guide to the map plus a few pro tips to help you up your game.

1) Weapon Recommendations

Death Alley is a name should feel pretty familiar. That’s right. There’s already a Homicide Alley map in Battle Teams and the two maps have many similarities. You could say that Death Alley is an upgraded version of Homicide Alley. We’re sure players will be already familiar with this classic Demolition map so we won’t go into great detail about the map environment itself. Instead we’re going to look at a few key new terrain features and how they affect gameplay.

Stairs added to the vantage point – a new access channel.

A frontal view of the vantage point, planks included.

Two cell rooms added to the factory in front of the main door. We’ll just call them cells.

Obstacle added to the walkway.

Set of stairs added to Point A.

As for weapons, we recommend Sawtooth Shark, Judgment Day or Thunder God’s Wrath for your main slot.

It goes without saying that you’ve got to pick the best choice available to you. We recommend shotguns  generally for Mutant Battles and Sawtooth Shark is an ideal candidate thanks to its large magazine. Death Alley is pretty evenly matched between the mutants and the humans and there are no high quality defensive positions. Sniper rifles are not ideal.

2) Humans (Defence)

At the beginning of the round, the mutants are given 12 seconds to select their mutant class. Human players need to make use of this time to find their defensive positions to avoid getting infected and last to the finish. Choosing a defensive position is extremely important. Below are a few spots that are easy to defend and difficult to assault.

So long as you can defend against the jumping oncoming monsters, the new jump pad is a place you can put your shotgun to devastating use.


The cell is not simply a defensible interior space. You can also hide out on the roof so long as they stay alert to the mutants below. There are two orifices in the roof of the cell, which mutants can jump down through. However, the cell is overall a highly defensible structure that can be of great value to human players.

Air Vent (Upper)

The air vent is the best defensive position on the map. The air vent is divided between the lower and upper vents. There are 3 entrances located at the factory roof, the upper level of the factory interior and the new ladder entrance at Point A.  Between them, human players can defend all three entrances so long as their numbers allow it. If only one or two of you are still standing, make sure to defend the upper vent only, using a high-ammo weapon like Thunder God’s Wrath. So long as you’ve got enough firepower, you should have everything you need to make it to the finish.

Killing mutants increases your damage. When your damage reaches a certain threshold, you transform into the powerful Superhuman, whose own damage is astronomical. When you transform you can choose between offensive and defensive Superhuman variants. Whichever you choose, you instantly become the best hope for your team, meaning you might want to think twice about snivelling in the air vent staying away from the action.

3) Mutants (Offence)

Each mutant class has its upsides and downsides when it comes to assaulting the defensive positions outlined above.

1: Waif

Abilities: Dash. Massively increases movement speed.

In its first form, the Waifs HP and defence are poor. Fortunately, its Dash skill is very helpful for infecting humans.

2: Zombie

Abilities: Roar. Frightens the target and reduces their movement speed.

In Death Alley, the Zombie is generally not as effective as the Waif.

3: Poltergeist

Abilities: Disarm. For a brief duration the target is unable to use firearms.

This ability deals ranged damage. However, the targeting and area of effect are both poor.

4:Armored Mutant

Abilities: Armor Shield. Raises a shield that absorbs massive damage.

6: Phantom

Abilities: Invisibility.

A master of sneak attacks, the Phantom is an excellent choice for any map type, including Death Alley.

Attacking the jump pad:

When there are few humans on the jump pad, it is preferable to adopt a tag team strategy. Ammunition is not unlimited and as mutants, attacking is a piece of cake so long as you strike when the humans come down for ammo. When there are large numbers of human players, use the Phantom’s invisibility to sneak attack the enemy. Even if their firepower feels overwhelming, you’ll probably succeed in infecting at least one human and that will be curtains for the other team.

Attacking the cell:

As mentioned before, there are multiple entrances to the cell. When the mutants have enough numbers they should attack the cell from multiple entrances at once. When few in number, make use of the Poltergeist’s Disarm ability and the Phantom’s Invisibility, which combine really well for tactical sneak attacks.

Attacking the air vent:

Last up is the air vent, which is the hardest spot for the mutants to tackle. The addition of a third entrance makes the job even harder. The air vent is one position where the humans are at a disadvantage if they hide there in numbers. The air vent is all too easily congested and it’s easier for the mutants to bag an infection if there are lots of humans inside jostling for space. Facing 3 or 4 humans, the Waif and Phantom should be considered as throw picks. The Armored Mutant is needed to make the initial engagement, with the Matriarch close behind. If you can take the edge off the enemy firepower using the Poltergeist’s Disarm then so much the better.

When the Superhuman appears, it’s best to split up and pick up whatever infections you can. The Superhuman scores a one-hit on the better part of the mutant cast list so if you find two Superhumans holed up in the air vent you can pretty much kiss victory goodbye.


Humans: After the window of mutant selection has passed, your team needs to stick together at all costs. Find your teammates and defend your positions together. Needless to say, a cooperative team is essential for success. When you venture out for ammo, make sure to take it in turns rather than all going at once. Keep your collective firepower at the position as high as possible throughout the game. Use melee weapons to finish off kills wherever you can because they prevent mutants from respawning. Prudence an invaluable practice in this game mode. When you get your Superhuman, aim to claim the high ground to get a better view of the battlefield, killing enemies one after the other as they expose themselves.

Mutants: Try your hardest to infect humans early in the game. As you start losing teammates, the humans’ firepower will increase beyond what is practical to manage. Suicidal charges are not worth it. Mutants need strategy and cooperation to mount effective assaults just as much as humans. Put together, your team’s mutant abilities are your best way to score the infections you need. Trying to solo a Superhuman is not realistic, so aim to whittle them down as a team. If the ants are many in number they can take down a whole elephant.

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